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Director’s message

The Civil Service Examination differs from the university type examinations very fundamentally. Consequently, the technique of preparation has to differ to suit the specific needs of this examination. While work for most university examinations can be done at a leisured pace, a candidate for the Civil Services Examination does not have much time at his/her disposal and the amount of tasks to be disposed of within this short span of time is truly enormous. It will be extremely unrealistic to think that one can prepare for this examination within a short time entirely on one’s own. Understanding the enormity of this challenge, National IAS Academy came out of a fundamental idea that the process of learning teaching should be based on close and dedicated interaction between teachers and students, aided by highly enriched study material. We at National IAS Academy highly believe that for a highly competitive examination like civil service, how you present your ideas in examination matter the most. Thus, along with learning we emphasize on development of writing skill and critical assessment skills. We evaluate students in their totality and constantly supervise their progress in crucial areas of learning, understanding and effective presentation of knowledge in exam condition.


To nurture young minds, provide continuous guidance and support through technology, team-work and innovation and to assist aspirants associated with us to accomplish their dream and participate in the progress and development of the Nation.


The Institute is founded to deliver National Standard in Civil Services and IAS Training in Bangalore. In pursuit of this objective, the Institution takes care that the commencement of the course, faculty, study material and Pattern of Teaching and Assessment is, to the maximum extent possible, faultless. The Frequent Examinations, Personal Attention, Continuous Monitoring by the Faculty and Standard Study Material are hallmarks of the Institution in Bangalore. The endeavour of the Institution is to ensure that the time of the student is made most productive by separating wheat from chaff as far as the preparation for the Civil Services Examination is concerned.

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